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The Golden Circle Tutors have a reputation for academic excellence. It nurtures children who need support and challenges inquisitive minds. Each year, students are successfully prepared students for Common Entrance exams and 11+ exams for grammar schools, GCSEs and A-Level qualifications, and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and Ivy League admissions.

What makes The Golden Circle Tutors service unique is the dedicated team of qualified teachers – who inspire a love of learning and enable children to realise their full academic potential. Students become more confident, resilient, and motivated in school, and develop valuable leadership skills through mentorship programmes and co-curricular courses.

Our commitment is to provide access to an exceptional education that is tailored to each individual child. We work hard to achieve this by offering the best talent in teaching, a detailed matching process, and bespoke programmes of educational support.

The best private tutors in central London, featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the BBC. Ideal for all ages, from primary school through to secondary school, and beyond.

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"The elite end of tutoring without being stuffy."

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    We welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Experienced educators assist in every stage of the process, from initial enquiry, to finding the perfect teacher, to creating a bespoke tutorial plan which delivers results.

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    The network includes the brightest and most talented qualified teachers in the profession. Teachers all hold strong academic backgrounds, a UK teaching qualification, and a minimum of two years of classroom experience. Our interviews are an opportunity to showcase your passion for teaching.

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🌟Unlocking Opportunities for Prospective International Students 🌟  At The Golden Circle, we take pride in guiding prospective international students through the intricate journey of UK university applications 📝 We help you understand the application process, select the perfect institution, course and provide guidance on writing a stand-out personal statement. Whether you are preparing for the rigorous Oxbridge admissions tests and interviews, or looking to apply to an elite Russell Group university, we provide support and guidance every step of the way 🤝✨
At The Golden Circle, we prioritise both holistic development and academics, recognising that true educational growth encompasses many facets of life 🌟  We offer comprehensive support that goes above and beyond the national curriculum. Tutorials aim to equip your children with essential life skills and emotional intelligence for success both inside and outside of the classroom environment 📝💭
Now that we are approaching sunnier months, it’s time to embrace the benefits of outdoor learning and exposure to nature ☀️🍃 Whether it’s participating in outdoor, child-led activities or simply spending time outside, there are many benefits to reap!  ✨ Being outside provides a space that is free from over-stimulation from interactive digital media.
✨The more children experience nature, the greater the benefits to both their academic performance and overall mental health, particularly if they recognise they will not be ‘tested’. There is simply an increase of calm and autonomy when given the freedom to overcome challenges outdoors.
✨ Research shows that with more outdoor exposure information is better retained and leads to increased curiosity and motivation.
✨ Through nature-based learning opportunities we can encourage children to take risks both physically, mentally, socially and emotionally and encourage them to adopt a growth mindset - “I can’t do it YET!” This is important for building resourcefulness and self-esteem.  What are some examples of child-led outdoor activities?  🪢 Teach them a skill like how to tie a knot or use certain tools and see what they create with that knowledge.
🎨 Encourage your child to paint or create a piece of art based on what they find in nature (e.g. leaves, sticks and flowers).
🌼 Plant some wildflower seeds and watch them grow over time together. Your child will be able to apply classroom-based knowledge, as well as developing patience and experiencing ‘delayed gratification’.
🌧️ Next time it rains, wrap your child up in waterproof clothing and let them play and jump around in the puddles. Activities based on changes in nature help to understand the natural world around them in more depth.  For more information on Outdoor Learning, head to the ‘Insights’ page on our website: https://goldencircletutors.co.uk/the-joys-of-outdoor-learning/.
It’s the final countdown to GCSE and A Level exams, and the Easter break is a great time to consolidate learning and practice plenty of exam questions. Whether it be addressing knowledge gaps, honing exam technique or boosting confidence, we can offer a team of subject specialists to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information 📚💫  #gcseexams #alevelexams #revision #studying #students #parents #teachers #qualifiedteachers #tutors
Reading, at all ages, holds an endless list of benefits. It allows children to build their language and vocabulary, learn about the world around them, enhances their creativity and develops skills including empathy and emotional awareness.  Reading at home is one of the most valuable activities to complement your child’s classroom learning, as well as being a great opportunity for parents and children to connect! Here’s some tips on reading outside of the classroom.  📖 Start young and make reading a consistent part of your daily routine. A little and often approach will build strong foundations and encourage a love of reading.  📖 Continue the discussion about the book by asking and encouraging questions about the plot and characters.  📖 For children who are reluctant to sit down and read a book, it can also be done on the go! From road signs and notice boards at the park or the supermarket, this is also a great way to build vocabulary and can be more interesting.  📖 Browse the books together in the library or bookshop and let your child take the lead on what they would like to read.  📖 Encourage variation with different genres and themes. Books are a great way to discuss topics such as emotions, different cultures and milestones in an easily digestible and age-appropriate way.  📖 Set up a quiet space at home dedicated to reading where there will be fewer distractions.  📸 The lovely reading corner at @purpledragonplay. Can you see your child’s favourite book? 📚  #reading #bookworm #students #childrensbooks #bookrecommendations #bookclub