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The Golden Circle Tutors have a reputation for academic excellence. It nurtures children who need support and challenges inquisitive minds. Each year, students are successfully prepared students for Common Entrance exams and 11+ exams for grammar schools, GCSEs and A-Level qualifications, and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and Ivy League admissions.

What makes The Golden Circle Tutors service unique is the dedicated team of qualified teachers – who inspire a love of learning and enable children to realise their full academic potential. Students become more confident, resilient, and motivated in school, and develop valuable leadership skills through mentorship programmes and co-curricular courses.

Our commitment is to provide access to an exceptional education that is tailored to each individual child. We work hard to achieve this by offering the best talent in teaching, a detailed matching process, and bespoke programmes of educational support.

The best private tutors in central London, featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the BBC. Ideal for all ages, from primary school through to secondary school, and beyond.

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    We welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Experienced educators assist in every stage of the process, from initial enquiry, to finding the perfect teacher, to creating a bespoke tutorial plan which delivers results.

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    The network includes the brightest and most talented qualified teachers in the profession. Teachers all hold strong academic backgrounds, a UK teaching qualification, and a minimum of two years of classroom experience. Our interviews are an opportunity to showcase your passion for teaching.

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Our 11+ students have their sights set on competitive, selective secondary schools. If your child has upcoming exams, here are some final tips for 11+ preparation.  📑 Read the test information with your child. Outline the time, location, and exam room that your child will be taking the test in. Run through the exam format and equipment they will need.  ❓Read the questions carefully. Encourage your child to read every question carefully as they work through the test. They can underline the key words in the instructions before they start an answer.  ⏰ Keep an eye on time. Practice past papers under timed conditions in these last few weeks. The invigilator should let them know when they’re half way through, which will help them to work out if they need to work more quickly or have time to slow down.  💭 If in doubt, make a guess. By design, the 11+ is a challenging exam. It’s used by schools to identify children who are working within the top 25% of their cohort (or the top 10% for some particularly competitive schools). This means that no matter where your child's strengths lie, there will still be questions that they struggle to answer.  Remind your child not to spend too long on very tricky questions. Make an educated guess and move on.  💡Maintain focus. Unless your child has specific special educational needs that have been disclosed to the target school in advance, it's highly likely that they will be taking the exam in a room with lots of other candidates.  On the day, remind your child to avoid distractions and to keep their eyes on the test paper and the clock.  Wishing you the very best of luck! 🍀  #11plus #exam #exampreparation #prepschool #independentschool #boardingschool
Home schooling is the latest in elite education. Once a royal tradition, home schooling has returned – reinvigorated and reimagined – for parents who want a flexible, more personalised education for their child.  We work closely with home school families to fully understand their child – their needs, interests, hobbies, and aspirations – and create bespoke education programmes which enable them to achieve their goals. It’s always a pleasure to get to know new home school families and to watch as our students, many who have struggled in a school environment, grow, and thrive.  For parents considering home schooling, we have put together some insights in to the day-to-day life as a home schooled student, as well an FAQs list. You can read the full article using the link in our bio and for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via DM or by using the contact form on our website. 💫  #education #homeschooling #tuition #privatetuition #tutoring #students #parents #teachers
We can’t believe it’s October Half Term already - how time flies and what a wonderful start to the school year it has been. For 11+ students, we wish you the best of luck as exams approach. In the final push, we offer masterclasses to fine-tune exam technique, focussing on:  📚 Reading speed and accuracy  ❓Command words  📝 Creative writing frameworks  🙋🏻‍♀️ Model answers  🧮 Pattern recognition  ⏰ Pace and time keeping  🔍 Checking work and eliminating careless errors  We also support students to prepare for 11+ interviews and group tasks. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 💫  #octoberhalfterm #11plus #11plusexams #parents #londonparents #cheshireparents #students
Nothing like positive feedback to brighten up the week! ✨  #tutoring #homeschooling #families #teachers #londonparents #londonmums #students
We hope our families and students are feeling refreshed after the Summer holidays and looking forward to going back to school. The start of a new academic year can be challenging, particularly for students who are moving to a new school, or making the jump from Key Stage 3 to 4, or GCSE to A Levels.  We’ve included a few tips on how to smooth the transition after the Summer holidays and securing a strong September start.  💛 Speak positively about school and the new academic year - help your child to embrace challenges and opportunities for learning.  🗓️ Set up a homework and/or revision timetable, taking into consideration extracurricular activities, socialising and other commitments.  🗣️ Encourage your child to talk to their teacher, parent or tutor if they haven’t understood something and need it explaining again.  📒 For GCSE and A Level students in particular, organisation is key. Print off exam specifications, past papers and mark schemes, and have folders for each subject. This will allow students to keep on top of their notes and make revision much easier during exam seasons.  📚 Encourage your child to use their independent study periods wisely. It’s a good opportunity to consolidate subject knowledge and complete any outstanding homework tasks.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at contactus@goldencircletutors.co.uk if your child needs any support! ✨  #backtoschool #students #teachers #newacademicyear #newterm #secondaryschool #boardingschool #prepschool #londonmums
Applying to Oxbridge this year? Here's our quick guide to choosing the perfect college.  🧑🏽‍💻 Research the colleges - each college has a distinct 'personality'. Consider their size, location and facilities  📚 Academic considerations - different colleges have different academic strengths. See where they rank on The Norrington Table (Oxford) or Tompkins Table (Cambridge) and check how many places are on offer for your course  🏫 Campus atmosphere - your college will become your home away from home so it's important that you feel comfortable and happy in that environment  🚣🏻 Extracurricular activities - some colleges are renowned for their choir, others for sports. Find one that aligns with your interests  💬 Visit and talk to current students  For more information, read the insights post on our website. https://goldencircletutors.co.uk/your-oxbridge-application-how-to-choose-the-perfect-college/  Wishing you the best of luck with your university applications! 🍀  #university #oxbridge #oxforduniversity #cambridgeuniversity #students