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The Golden Circle Tutors have a reputation for academic excellence. It nurtures children who need support and challenges inquisitive minds. Each year, students are successfully prepared students for Common Entrance exams and 11+ exams for grammar schools, GCSEs and A-Level qualifications, and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and Ivy League admissions.

What makes The Golden Circle Tutors service unique is the dedicated team of qualified teachers – who inspire a love of learning and enable children to realise their full academic potential. Students become more confident, resilient, and motivated in school, and develop valuable leadership skills through mentorship programmes and co-curricular courses.

Our commitment is to provide access to an exceptional education that is tailored to each individual child. We work hard to achieve this by offering the best talent in teaching, a detailed matching process, and bespoke programmes of educational support.

The best private tutors in central London, featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the BBC. Ideal for all ages, from primary school through to secondary school, and beyond.

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    We welcome students from diverse backgrounds. Experienced educators assist in every stage of the process, from initial enquiry, to finding the perfect teacher, to creating a bespoke tutorial plan which delivers results.

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    The network includes the brightest and most talented qualified teachers in the profession. Teachers all hold strong academic backgrounds, a UK teaching qualification, and a minimum of two years of classroom experience. Our interviews are an opportunity to showcase your passion for teaching.

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There are many advantages of one-to-one online tuition. Here are just a few of the reasons why families choose an online tutor:  🌎 In-person tuition limits your search to teachers who live locally. By contrast, online tuition allows you to choose from the best qualified teachers in the UK, regardless of where you live. If you’re looking for an experienced teacher with 11+ school-specific knowledge, or expertise in a shortage A Level subject, such as Chemistry, Physics or Economics, online tuition offers families access to the highest level of expertise.  🕒 One of the main benefits of online tutoring is convenience and flexibility. Without the requirement to travel, there is more flexibility for students to adjust the timings of lessons. Without a fixed location, lessons can continue during holidays, at boarding school, or at both Mum and Dad’s house when children are living in two homes.  🧑‍💻 In many ways, one-to-one online lessons can be more interactive and produce higher quality work than home tuition. For example, it’s easier and quicker to annotate a passage or write an essay on-screen. We use shared Google documents so that teachers can provide feedback on student work in real time and Google drives so that work is saved all in one place at the end of each session.  ✨ Digital tools including screen sharing, white boards and online quizzes are used to make learning interactive. Children are empowered to become leaders in lessons by inviting them to demonstrate their learning and share independent research.
Introducing Hannah and Lydia, sisters, and co-founders of The Golden Circle. Fuelled by a profound passion for education and a shared commitment to fulfilling each student’s potential, they are the driving force behind The Golden Circle.  Together, with a network of experienced and enthusiastic educators, they understand that education goes far beyond the academics. Our approach focuses on building a love for learning, supporting students’ personal growth and providing a well-rounded and enjoyable education to suit each student’s needs and requirements. ✨
Given the vast selection of digital entertainment available today, nurturing a love for reading in children can pose a challenge. Today, we are sharing our top five strategies aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for books in your kids.  👏 Model good reading behaviour: Children often mimic the behaviours they see in adults. When they observe you enjoying a book, they’re more likely to develop a positive attitude towards reading. Make reading a visible and regular part of your routine, whether it’s a physical book, e-reader, or even audiobooks.  📖 Read together before bedtime: Bedtime stories offer a special opportunity for bonding and relaxation. Reading aloud not only fosters a love for stories but also helps children develop language skills and imagination. Take turns choosing books or alternate between reading to them and having them read to you, depending on their age and reading level.  📚 Utilise your local library: Libraries are treasure troves of books and resources that are often free to access. Encourage your child to explore different genres and discover new interests by regularly visiting the library together.  💭 Remember all reading is valuable: Encourage your child to read widely and embrace their diverse interests. Whether they enjoy fiction, non-fiction or magazines, every type of reading contributes to their literacy development and intellectual growth. Be open-minded and supportive of their reading choices, and celebrate their enthusiasm for exploring new worlds through books.  🛋️ Create a cosy reading nook at home: Designating a space for reading can make the experience more enjoyable and inviting. Set up a comfortable area with cushions, blankets and a few favourite books within reach. This dedicated reading spot sends a clear message that reading is a valued activity in your home.
Sending our very best wishes to all GCSE and A level students starting their exams. Remember to approach each exam with a positive attitude, and trust in the hard work you’ve put in. ✨  Your unwavering dedication speaks volumes, and now it’s your time to shine. Good luck! 🍀
Teaching children to be inclusive of different cultures and traditions enhances their global awareness, empathy, and tolerance. Students gain a broader perspective of the world, which develops their critical thinking skills and encourages them to question stereotypes and biases. Children can embrace different cultures at home through a range of avenues.  🗺️ Explore atlases, maps and other literature which encourages discussions about other countries and cultures beyond your own  📝 Exchange experiences with an international pen pal  🏮 Attend festivals and events that celebrate different cultures, as well as incorporating activities like Arts & Crafts to bring the celebrations into your own home  🧑‍🍳 Introduce new recipes into your kitchen and sample authentic cuisine from other cultures  🤍 Set an example and model kindness and acceptance