Founder’s Welcome

The Golden Circle is a community of exceptional educators. We understand how important education is in a child’s development and that the right teacher can make all the difference. That’s why we work closely with families to fully understand the needs of each child and tailor our process precisely to reflect individual requirements. We personally match our students with inspiring, qualified teachers who accelerate learning in a supportive one-to-one environment.

Since founding The Golden Circle in 2017, it has been a privilege to play a role in the educational journey of so many students. Our students perform excellently in exams, and enjoy more success at leading universities, but it is their personal growth which makes The Golden Circle such a rewarding place to teach. As mentors, as well as educators, we help our students to develop the key qualities of Courage, Critical Thinking, Compassion, Growth Mindset and Self-Reflection.

We are inspired by tradition, but not constrained by it. Our co-curricular lessons enable students to discover entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and global citizenship. The Golden Circle’s modern approach to tutoring and home schooling takes a traditional UK education into the 21st century.

If this strikes a chord with you, then we are the right team for you. I welcome you to join us and unlock your child’s academic potential.

Hannah Titley
BA (Hons), MA, MA (Oxon), PGCE


Courage is having the strength to tackle challenges – in academia and in life. It’s having the confidence to face a subject that feels daunting and ask questions when you don’t understand. Academic courage empowers students to choose difficult problems and risk making mistakes.

We work with students on their Maths courage, their Science courage, their Shakespeare courage, their public speaking courage. By cultivating courage in a supportive learning environment, our students feel safe to ask questions and rise to academic challenges.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a way to analyse complex issues and articulate ideas. It is a lens through which to understand the world, by appreciating different perspectives and value frameworks. Through discussion and debate, students are taught to think critically and confidently articulate their ideas. This approach seeks to liberate students from unthinking conformity.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is the conviction that intelligence is learned. It enables students to reshape the narrative by which to excel in exams and in life. A growth mindset leads to a desire to learn, to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and see effort as the path to mastery. Cultivating a growth mindset is at the heart of what we do.


Self-reflection is taking the time to explore your own thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Without it, we miss learning opportunities. In an academic context, it enables students to identify strengths and weaknesses and evaluate their progress towards goals.

Teaching the art of self-reflection is integral to lessons. We provide detailed feedback on assignments and facilitate self-reflection discussions. Weekly progress reports guide students to where they should devote their attention. Together, self-reflection and teacher feedback, leads to deeper learning.

Our Community

Our unique community is made up of dedicated parents, students, and over 300 qualified teachers. Teachers have strong academic backgrounds, UK teaching qualifications, and a minimum of two years of experience teaching in the classroom. Many are also GCSE and A Level examiners.

Founder & Managing Director

Hannah Titley

Hannah founded The Golden Circle in 2017 after qualifying as a teacher through the Teach First programme. Teaching in the classroom showed that school doesn’t work for everyone. For children who are talented in sports, art, or music, or who require extra academic support or challenge, school doesn’t bring out their best.

Born in Manchester, Hannah was educated at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls before reading Biological Sciences at New College, Oxford University. She holds a first class Master’s degree from King’s College London and PGCE teaching qualification which is rated ‘Outstanding’. In addition to teaching, Hannah has worked as a Researcher for Oxford University and Reform think tank. She is Director of the Home Schooling Association and continues to teach Science at Key Stage 4 and 5. She speaks regularly at education events and provides written commentary for national media including the BBC, The Times, Telegraph and The Guardian.

Head of Operations

Lydia Titley

Lydia is originally from Manchester and completed her secondary education at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. Following this, her interest in French language and culture led her to the University of Bath, where she completed a BSc in International Business Management and French.

Lydia took the opportunity to spend a year in Paris where she attended the prestigious business school of ESCP Paris, studying a bilingual Master’s in Management, and worked as a European Account Manager at an international Marketing and Publishing firm. Lydia joined The Golden Circle team in 2018, where she holds the role of Head of Operations.

In her spare time, Lydia enjoys yoga and is currently completing a Mindfulness Teacher Training course. She has a keen interest in the arts, theatre and travel.

Founder’s Publications

Policy Reports

  • How To Run A Country: Working Age Welfare (June 2015)
  • Employment and Support Allowance: The Case For Change (December 2015)
  • Working Welfare: A Radically New Approach to Sickness and Disability Benefits (February 2016)Stepping Up, Breaking Barriers.
  • Transforming Employment Outcomes For Disabled People (July 2016)


Newspaper Articles

Our Locations

Teachers are located in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • London

    In person lessons are offered across central London. Teachers deliver lessons in person to families who live in Zones 1-6 and within commutable distance from London. Additional travel charges may apply for those outside of the city. For families living outside of central London, we recommend working with an online tutor, booking full or half-day lessons, or blended learning - a combination of in person and online lessons.

  • The Rest Of The UK

    Including Manchester, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge. Teachers deliver in person lessons in these cities. For families living in other parts of the UK, we recommend residential tuition. Residential tuition, ranging from several days to several weeks, is an immersive learning experience for students. Over the years, we have organised hundreds of residential placements to prepare students for exams. These intensive revision programmes accelerate learning and are a key part of student success.