The Gold Standard of Home Schooling in London

The Golden Circle is a pioneer in home schooling. Our approach takes a traditional form of education, once enjoyed by royalty and the aristocracy, into the 21st century. Delivered in person or online, our home school programmes offer a world-class education, tailored to each child’s goals and needs. In addition to academic subjects, we offer co-curricular lessons in Debating, Coding and Entrepreneurship.

Traditional mainstream schooling, with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, is failing many children. For children who need extra support or academic challenge, for children who need flexible schedules, and for families who travel, school is not convenient or effective.

Private Tutors at Home or Online

The Golden Circle is a new vision for education. We develop flexible, personalised timetables so that our students can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. We assign each student a coordinated team of subject specialists who deliver academically rigorous and engaging lessons on core subjects, in person or online, for a well-rounded home schooling programme. We track progress on a weekly basis and provide parents with detailed reports on the content of each lesson, their child’s strengths, areas for development and the homework that was set. Termly assessments are also used to monitor progress and familiarise students with how it feels to work under exam conditions. We offer extra-curricular activities like trips to art galleries, museums and outdoor exhibits which complement lessons and bring learning to life and aid personal development. Our students can follow the UK or US curricula. Our US students receive course credits through our established partnership with the online education provider, Laurel Springs.We have home schooling capabilities for all academic levels, including primary school (SATs), secondary school (GCSEs, A-Levels) and university level (entrance exams).We’re ideally situated for children based in central London, but also have a team spread across the country.

Benefits of Home schooling

Students based in the UK are entered for public exams in Year 11 and 13. They perform excellently in their GCSEs and A Levels, and enjoy more success at leading universities, but it is their personal growth as well-rounded, young adults that makes The Golden Circle such a rewarding teaching opportunity.

Every student is unique. We recognise and cherish this, making each home school journey personal. While we are guided by the National Curriculum, and our students perform excellently in public exams, we are not restricted by it. Highly qualified, engaging teachers routinely plan for lessons to go deeper and broader than the national guidelines stipulate. Our students develop a love of learning and become thoughtful, independent thinkers with the ability to question, analyse and articulate their opinions.

Effective Home Education for All Children

Our home school cohort includes children with mental health challenges, social anxiety and special educational needs (SEN). We take great care to pair students with qualified teachers who have SEN experience and a teaching style that is sensitive to their needs. Many home school students are taught by The Golden Circle network for their full secondary school career. However, it can also be an effective short term solution for children who are not attending school due to illness, travel or other circumstances. We work closely with parents, school teachers and students, to prepare children – academically and mentally – to return to school should they wish to.

"A growing number of parents are turning to a new, elite form of home schooling that promises a first-class education tailored to each student."


Our Students


Mac is a professional goalkeeper and trained at Fulham Football Club’s Academy throughout his secondary school education. Mac fully committed to Fulham Academy’s training schedule which involved daily football practice, intensive gym workouts, and goalkeeper coaching. Mac was home schooled with The Golden Circle for two years to prepare for his GCSEs. Home schooling offered a personalised, flexible schedule, which enabled Mac to balance the demands of football training, with studying for his GCSE exams. Mac exceeded his GCSE target grades in English, Maths, Geography and Biology, explored co-curricular interests such as cryptocurrency, and was signed as a first year scholar for Fulham FC in 2019-20. He now plays for West Bromwich Albion F.C. His team of five qualified teachers are very proud of his achievements.

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"Turning the family home into a miniature prep or public school is no mean feat, but one group that is up to the task is The Golden Circle. The home school programmes on offer are bespoke and supremely flexible, providing academic and extracurricular tuition, as well as entrance exam preparation and support with university applications."


"Happiness is the most important factor when choosing an education for your child - we take a great deal of time to ensure that The Golden Circle is the right place for your child and for you."

Hannah Titley, Founder and Managing Director

Our Locations

Teachers are located in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • London

    In person lessons are offered across central London. Teachers deliver lessons in person to families who live in Zones 1-6 and within commutable distance from London. Additional travel charges may apply for those outside of the city. For families living outside of central London, we recommend working with an online tutor, booking full or half-day lessons, or blended learning - a combination of in person and online lessons.

  • The Rest Of The UK

    Including Manchester, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge. Teachers deliver in person lessons in these cities. For families living in other parts of the UK, we recommend residential tuition. Residential tuition, ranging from several days to several weeks, is an immersive learning experience for students. Over the years, we have organised hundreds of residential placements to prepare students for exams. These intensive revision programmes accelerate learning and are a key part of student success.

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