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Online lessons provide students with 24/7 access to the team of qualified teachers, from anywhere in the world.

As a leading provider of online tuition, effective online teaching methods are used which enable students to thrive. We offer fully online lessons or blended learning (a mixture of in person and online lessons) which enable children to develop a relationship with their regular tutor and offers a convenient, flexible arrangement to fit around your family’s plans. Recommended by Head Teachers of top independent schools, The Golden Circle has an exceptional reputation for delivering outstanding results.

Five years ago, our first exclusively online home school student. She successfully achieved top grades at A Level and is now enjoying further success at Cambridge University.

Since then, demand for online tuition has surged and we have developed an expert team of online specialists to support hundreds of students each year. Whether your child attends boarding school, lives in multiple homes, or lives abroad, online tutoring gives them access to the best UK qualified teachers from anywhere in the world.

We arrange online teachers for children aged 3 to adult learners. Online specialists go through the same rigorous assessment processes as the in-person team and are handpicked to ensure the perfect match for your family. All have an exceptional academic record, a UK teaching qualification, and a minimum of two years of classroom teaching experience. They are vetted to our usual high standards, including safeguarding checks.

The Benefits of Online Tuition

There are many advantages of one-to-one online tuition. Here are just a few of the reasons why families choose an online tutor:

1. Access to the UK’s most qualified teachers, wherever you are in the world

In person tuition limits your search to teachers who live locally. By contrast, online tuition allows you to choose from the best qualified teachers in the UK, regardless of where you live. If you’re looking for an experienced teacher with 11+ school-specific knowledge, or expertise in a shortage A Level subject, such as Chemistry, Physics or Economics, online tuition offers families access to the highest level of expertise.

2. Convenience and flexibility for your family

One of the main benefits of online tutoring is convenience and flexibility. Without the requirement to travel, there is more flexibility for students to adjust the timings of lessons. Without a fixed location, lessons can continue during holidays, at boarding school, or at both Mum and Dad’s house when children are living in two homes.

3. Creative new ways of learning

In many ways, one-to-one online lessons can be more interactive and produce higher quality work than home tuition. For example, it’s easier and quicker to annotate a passage or write an essay on-screen. We use shared Google documents so that teachers can provide feedback on student work in real time and Google drives so that work is saved all in one place at the end of each session. This means that notes are readily accessible when it comes to revision.

Digital tools including screen sharing screen sharing, white boards and online quizzes are used to make learning interactive. Children are empowered to become leaders in lessons by inviting them to demonstrate their learning and share independent research. For longer lessons, students are encouraged to take a 5-10 minute screen break, play an educational game, or get active at the mid-way point. This helps teachers to build a rapport with their students and make learning fun, engaging and effective.

"Max is just wonderful! He inspires confidence, teaches in an interesting way, and regularly checks for learning using quick fire quizzes. My daughter achieved 87% on her Geography exam. She has not only improved academically but she has learned to love Geography."

Parent of a Year 8 student

"Lizzie has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She has not only transformed her ability but inspired an interest in Maths in a way that we could never have dreamt of! Her kind, calm approach meant that my daughter was never afraid to ask questions in order to fully understand a topic. Lizzie has an infectious enthusiasm for her subject and this passion is sewn into the fabric of every lesson."

Mother of a Year 5 student

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