• Art

    Art is liberating and exciting. Students develop a love of Art which stays with them for life.

  • Art History

    From Byzantium to Renaissance Europe, students explore fascinating cultures and periods of history.

  • Classics

    Logical and poetic, Classics students develop skills which are highly valued by universities and employers alike.

  • Computer Science

    Students find creative solutions to real Computer Science problems.

  • Drama and Theatre Studies

    Through creative performances, Drama students develop confidence and excellent communication skills.

  • Economics and Business Studies

    Students discover Economics through real-world problems and data.

  • English

    The talented English team equips students with the literacy skills for success at 11+, GCSE and A Level.

  • Film Studies

    Students are taken on a rigorous, detailed study of the cinema medium.

  • Geography

    From climate change to migration, Geography students develop the analytical skills to evaluate global issues.

  • History

    Students are empowered to discern the benefits of studying the past in a fast changing world.

  • Mathematics

    Inspiring Maths teachers make learning accessible, relevant, and fun.

  • Modern Languages

    Students become confident, accurate and articulate linguists, engaged with the cultures they study.

  • Music

    Music is transformative. Students become informed musicians who create unique performances and compositions.

  • Philosophy and Theology

    Intellectually rigorous lessons ground students in moral theories and sharpen their critical reasoning skills.

  • Physical Education

    Physically and emotionally restorative, PE lessons enhance student wellbeing.

  • Politics

    Politics students explore contemporary politics and the distribution of power in modern Britain.

  • Psychology

    By exploring the human mind, students become informed scientists, data analysts, and logical thinkers.

  • Sciences

    Exciting Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons nurture inquisitive and analytical minds.

  • Sociology

    Sociology students investigate complex social issues. They become effective communicators, verbally and on paper.

  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

    Dedicated supervisors guide students through each stage of writing a high-quality academic paper.