English is an inspiring and imaginative subject at The Golden Circle. The specialist team includes published authors, screenwriters, and book and film critics. They devise creative lessons to challenge high-ability students, who relish demanding reading, lively debate and thoughtful, critical writing. They scaffold supportive, engaging lessons for students who need extra support. The experienced team of SEN teachers enable children with dyslexia to flourish.

There is so much more to English than the words we speak. Understanding the rules of spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence constructions, lie at the heart of effective communication and enable us to express ourselves clearly. When trying to persuade, inform, or debate with someone, a firm grasp of the English language can set you apart. We encourage students to read widely, listen to audiobooks, and attend theatre productions. This is particularly important for primary students sitting 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams. Our network of English specialists provide recommended reading lists for children who are sitting Common Entrance exams.

Our English students become sensitive readers and skilled debaters. Examining texts sharpens analytical skills and encourages students to think critically. Students develop strong research and essay-writing skills, while gaining insight into different cultures and philosophies. At GCSE and A Level, students are matched with qualified teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of their exam specification, texts, and poetry anthology.

"India is exceptional and I have nothing but the highest praise for her teaching approach. My daughter has always found English challenging and India has gone above and beyond to make lessons fun, interactive, and effective. She has used a range of techniques to engage my daughter in lessons – from writing letters to our MP to sending postcards! It has been extremely effective, my daughter’s writing skills have improved, and, most importantly, it has made the subject relevant. She is thriving under India’s tutelage!"

Mother of Year 8 student

"My daughter has been invited to St Paul’s Girls’ School, Godolphin & Latymer, LEH and Putney High School. She excelled in the 11+ exam and a great part of her success is due to Hannah and your team. Her English lessons with your team showed her how to take her creative writing from good to excellent. She now uses a variety of sentence structures, punctuation, adjectives and adverbs. I will be recommending you to all of my friends for their children!"

Mother of a Year 6 11+ student


  • Xenia


    "English is about understanding people: the behaviour, feelings and morality that transcend time periods and cultures."

    Xenia is an English Literature graduate with a first class MA in Education from King’s College London. She completed her PGCE at UCL’s Institute of Education in 2018 and currently teaches English and Drama at a secondary school in North London. Xenia has taught children of a range of abilities and educational needs. She focuses on creating a positive and supportive learning environment which enables children to reach their educational goals. In addition to classroom teaching, Xenia is a CELTA certified teacher for teaching English as an additional language.

  • Aine


    "English develops our ability to empathise, enriches our vocabulary, and refines our ability to communicate effectively."

    Aine is an experienced English teacher and Head of Key Stage 5 English at a high-performing school in East London. Over the last six years teaching in the classroom, Aine has delivered outstanding lessons and her students have enjoyed success in public exams. Last year over 94% of her students achieved A* - A grades in their A Level exams. In addition to classroom teaching, Aine is responsible for creating exam content, moderating coursework, and delivering teacher training. Aine holds a BA in English Literature from Newcastle University.

  • Elizabeth P

    Elizabeth P

    "English enables us to express ourselves with creativity, clarity and conviction."

    Elizabeth holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford (Somerville College) and a PGDE teaching qualification. She qualified as an English teacher through the prestigious Teach First Programme and has 4 years of classroom experience at a highly competitive UK school. Elizabeth has expert subject knowledge and prides herself on delivering creative, outstanding lessons to successfully prepare students for GCSE and A Level exams. In addition to classroom teaching, Elizabeth has extensive experience supporting students with their university applications and preparation for Oxbridge interviews.

  • Georgina C

    Georgina C

    "English helps you to learn about yourself and enables you to access experiences you may never get otherwise."

    Georgina qualified as an English Teacher in 2016 after completing the Teach First programme. She has 6 years of classroom experience teaching English and currently teaches at an independent school in South West London. She balances this with her role as an 11+/ Verbal Reasoning Tutor. Georgina encourages a love of reading and uses curriculum texts to develop her students’ comprehension and analytical skills. She uses effective 11+ techniques and structured lessons to improve spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary. Georgina holds a BA English from the University of Southampton, a PGCE teaching qualification, and a Master's degree in Education (Merit) from the University of Wales.

  • Lizzie


    "English is the foundation of communication: the ability to articulate oneself with fluency, confidence and creativity."

    Lizzie is a qualified English Teacher and received an ‘Outstanding’ rating for her Teach First PGCE qualification. She has 2 years of classroom experience and tutors part time, preparing students for 11+, 13+, GCSE and A Level exams. Lizzie now works as an External Affairs Officer for Now Teach, an organisation which brings experienced professionals into the classroom. Lizzie holds an English Literature and History degree from Birmingham University.

  • Bella


    "The more you read, the more you see."

    Bella is an enthusiastic and dedicated English teacher. She has taught in the UK and internationally with the British Council in a school in India. Bella is experienced in preparing students for 11+ exams, teaching GCSE English Literature and Language at Key Stage 4, and the International Baccalaureate at Key Stage 5. She taught for two years at The Harrodian School and now teaches at a school in Putney. Bella holds an undergraduate degree in Law from Bristol University and PGCE teaching qualification from King’s College London.

  • Marc


    "Critical analysis and effective communication skills. This is the trademark of our English students."

    Marc qualified as an English Teacher in 2017. He taught English at GCSE and A Level for 4 years, before moving on to work at the French Embassy and in the Civil Service. Marc is an experienced 11+, 13+ and GCSE English Tutor. He has prepared students for Common Entrance at competitive London schools and has a proven track record supporting students to achieve excellent results in their GCSEs. In recent years, Marc has also taught adult learners - from those learning for fun to politicians preparing for public speaking. Marc holds a BA in Politics with International Relations from York University and MA in War Studies from King’s College London.

  • Linnet


    "Studying English encourages students to use their judgement and consider alternative perspectives."

    Linnet holds a History degree from the University of Oxford. She qualified as an English teacher through the Teach First programme and was graded ‘Outstanding’. Linnet taught in a school for 2 years, teaching English at Key Stage 3 and GCSE level. She was also the Enrichment Coordinator and University Outreach Manager. Following this, Linnet worked in the charity sector for two years and Civil Service. She balances tutoring GCSE and A Level English with her role as a Policy Advisor.

  • Thomas


    "English gives us the power of empathy and a voice to shape the world."

    Thomas qualified as a teacher through the Teach First programme and has 4 years of classroom experience teaching English at Key Stage 3 and 4. Alongside teaching, Thomas holds the role of English and Literacy Coordinator. He previously worked as an SEN Learning Support Teacher at The London Oratory School and, for several years, taught English as a Foreign Language in China and Australia. Thomas holds a degree in Philosophy from University College London.

  • Laurell


    "Language shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about."

    Laurell graduated with a degree in History and English Literature in 2013, and a Masters in Leadership from University College London. She completed her teaching qualification through the Teach First programme, specialising in Secondary English and holds 6 years of classroom experience. She currently teaches English at GCSE and A Level at Dulwich College. Laurell is an AQA English examiner and IGCSE coordinator.

  • India


    "English is about teaching students how to apply their knowledge and have courage in their own opinions."

    India holds a degree in English and Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths University of London. Following this, she completed the Teach First programme to gain her PGCE teaching qualification in 2015, specialising in Secondary English. India holds 2 years of classroom experience teaching English Literature and Language across Key Stage 3 – 5 at a South London school. She is also an experienced private tutor, having supported students across GCSE and A Level for the past 7 years.

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