Geography is a highly relevant and constantly changing subject. It is at the forefront of political, economic, environmental and social debate. In the face of climate change and environmental challenges, Geography skills are in demand. Students who pursue this subject develop research, numerical, and analytical skills which improve their performance in other subjects.

Lessons are engaging which bring Geography to life. Students explore dynamic processes of the physical and human environment. This ranges from weather and climate, rivers, coasts, and volcanoes, to tourism, globalisation, and geopolitics. Students enjoy learning new skills such as computer-based mapping (GIS), map reading, presenting, role play and debating techniques. Through podcasts and documentaries, they learn how Geography applies to real-world contexts and develop detailed case studies. This takes their exam answers from good to outstanding.

Fieldwork is an integral part of geographical study. We regularly organise UK field trips for our home school students. In the last few years, students have visited RSPB nature reserves, Epping Forest, and Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Wales, Pembrokeshire and Sussex. We also encourage students to attend relevant lectures and events.

Teachers have proven track records helping students to achieve exceptional exam results. In lessons, they address subject knowledge gaps, plan essays and craft model answers. This enables students to write thoughtful, persuasive essays.

"Hannah is enthusiastic, organised and patient. She explains ideas multiple times and in different ways. Unlike many teachers who rely on textbooks, Hannah knows the A Level syllabus inside out and teaches it creatively and effectively. In each lesson, she teaches theoretical concepts, explains how it is relevant, and sets exam questions. My son created a great set of revision notes and essay structures. I’m delighted to say that he has been offered a place at Exeter University for September!"

Mother of an A Level Geography student

"Max is just wonderful! He inspires confidence, teaches in an interesting way, and regularly checks for learning using quick fire quizzes. My daughter achieved 87% on her Geography exam. She has not only improved academically but she has learned to love Geography."

Parent of a Year 8 student


  • Grace


    "Geographers develop the capacity for critical and creative thinking. These skills are essential to being a global citizen who is prepared to fully embrace life in the 21st century."

    Grace is an experienced A Level/ IB Geography teacher, SENCo, and Oxbridge admissions advisor having taught at Wellington College for several years. Her current position is as a Maths and English teacher at a leading independent preparatory school. Grace is qualified to assess students with SEN, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. She holds an MA in Geography, PGCE teaching qualification, and MA in Inclusive Education and Dyslexia (Distinction) from Oxford University. She holds a Doctor of Education from the University of Reading and is on the Board of Directors of Patoss Dyslexia.

  • Calum


    "Geography leads to a greater understanding of cultures and societies worldwide."

    Calum holds a first-class BA and MA from St Andrews University and PGCE qualification from the University of Exeter. He has taught Geography at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level for the past 9 years and is the Head of Geography at a school in South West London. In addition to his classroom teaching role, Calum is the Literacy Coordinator for Humanities. He is a keen rock climber, hockey and cricket player.

  • Oliver


    "Geography contextualises the world around us, and understanding our context is the key to building a better future."

    Oliver is an enthusiastic teacher, keen Geographer and avid traveller. Being able to show his students the wonders of the world is a central part of his lessons, as well motivating, supporting and challenging his students to push themselves beyond what they first perceive to be possible. Oliver trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme. He holds 5 years of classroom experience teaching Geography at GCSE and A Level. He also teaches History and Religious Studies at Year 7 - 9. Alongside his role as a classroom teacher, Oliver is the Geography Curriculum Lead for his London school. Oliver holds a BSc from Birmingham University, and Master’s degree from Manchester University.

  • Max


    "Geographers have to zoom out and pick apart the complex web of connections that make our world."

    Max qualified as a Geography teacher in 2015 and has 4 years of classroom experience teaching Geography at Key Stage 4-5. In addition to teaching, Max was responsible for developing the Key Stage 4 curriculum and mentoring trainee teachers. He works part time as an Environmental Education practitioner for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and tutors in Geography and History. Max holds a BA in Human Geography, and PGCE Geography with Distinction from University College London.

  • Hannah L

    Hannah L

    "Future generations face unprecedented socio-economic and environmental challenges. Geography has never been more relevant."

    Hannah holds a BA Geography degree and PGCE with an ‘Outstanding’ rating from University College London. Hannah is an experienced teacher, having qualified in 2014 and taught at a North London school for the past 7 years. In addition to classroom teaching, Hannah has been the Head of Geography and A Level Subject Leader for 3 years. This year, Hannah is privately tutoring alongside studying for a Master’s degree.

  • Abdurrahman


    "Geography is about appreciating the landscapes and diversity that exists across continents."

    Abdurrahman holds a first class degree in Human Geography from University College London and an MA in Leadership from the Institute of Education. He trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme in 2016 and holds 5 years of classroom experience teaching Geography at Key Stage 3 - 5l. Abdurrahman is the Head of Geography at a South London school. Every year, his Department achieves excellent results at GCSE and A Level.

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