History is an intellectually stimulating and ambitious subject. Our students study important historical periods, from medieval to modern, and analyse events from different perspectives. In lessons, they evaluate evidence, enjoy lively debate, and compose detailed, compelling essays. We match students with teachers who are knowledgeable about specific exam boards and History topics.

Studying the past helps contextualise the world we live in. The impacts of European colonisation, the process of decolonisation, and the World Wars, still reverberate in the contemporary world. Issues surrounding power, race, gender and equality are themes that can be traced back for centuries. Studying the causes, consequences and significance of events, analysing patterns of change and continuity, and engaging with historical evidence and interpretations are just some of the exciting challenges that await a student of History.

At The Golden Circle, all lessons are tailor-made to suit the needs of each child. Early tutorials involve conducting an informal assessment of your child’s historical knowledge, conceptual understanding, and essay writing skills. Subsequent lessons then focus on any areas requiring development. Our students establish a firm grasp of the course content, develop analytical writing skills, and learn to critically analyse sources and historical interpretations. As exams approach, they perfect timed questions, essay planning and writing, and exam technique.

"A huge thank you to Lucy for her hard work with my son. Her knowledge of the syllabus is second to none. Her enthusiasm shines through and her experience as a Head of History has given us invaluable insight into the examination process. We never expected to be offered such a well- qualified and well-matched teacher - we are over the moon!"

Mother of a GCSE student

"Samuel is extremely personable, exceptionally organised and diligent when it comes to following up homework tasks and providing feedback. He stepped in when our son was struggling at school and has been a guiding light ever since. Samuel delivers academically stretching lessons in a way that is interesting and easy-to-understand. He goes the extra mile to motivate, educate and enrich the lives of his students. We are so grateful for his guidance and support over the last 18 months."

Parents of an A Level History student


  • George


    "Successful History students are also successful human beings - informed, analytical and empathetic thinkers."

    George holds a BA in History and Politics from Edinburgh University and is studying for a postgraduate degree in Law. George qualified as a History and Politics teacher through the Teach First programme and received an 'Outstanding' rating. He holds 5 years of experience teaching GCSE History and A Level Politics at a high performing London school. George is a politics enthusiast, keen cricket player, and football fan.

  • Nathaniel


    "History is about learning lessons from the past, to prepare us for the future."

    Nathaniel holds a BA in Ancient History, and Master’s in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He completed the Teach First programme in 2015 and is a qualified teacher of History and Politics. Nathaniel holds 4 years of classroom experience teaching History and Politics at GCSE and A Level, as a classroom teacher and Head of History. At his latest school, the North London Collegiate School, Nathaniel was also an EPQ supervisor and led the Current Affairs Society. He now balances tutoring with his role in the Civil Service.

  • Jake


    "Humanities students learn to inquire, think critically and actively engage in discussions."

    Jake holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Sussex and an MA in International Relations, for which he won a scholarship. He trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme in 2015 and has 6 years of experience teaching History, English and Politics. In addition to teaching GCSE and A Level, Jake also holds experience teaching the International Baccalaureate modules in History, Global Politics, and Individuals and Societies. Jake is a Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, qualified Mountain Leader and an FA Level 2 football coach.

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