The most popular language taught in UK schools, French is a subject that enriches students’ lives culturally and intellectually. The strong political ties which exist between the nations of England and France mean there is a wealth of culture and history to discover. In a world in which communication is the key to success, learning French opens up new, exciting opportunities for travel, higher education, and the international job market.

The Golden Circle has an outstanding team of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teachers who deliver effective and enjoyable French lessons, in person and online. We foster curiosity, broaden horizons, and teach the language skills to become proficient in French. At primary age and Key Stage 3, students learn the structure of the French language, and develop their speaking, listening, and reading and writing skills. We use French games and songs to make lessons fun for younger children, and immerse students in French culture using films, books, and newspaper articles. GCSE, IB/ A Level, and university students develop grammatical competence and a wide vocabulary to debate real-world issues and discuss French politics, literature, and the arts.

Too often do we hear that children rarely speak French in lessons at school – be it due to a lack of confidence or few speaking opportunities. We pride ourselves on delivering creative lessons which bring French to life! Interactive language activities enable students to improve their fluency, in a risk-free home environment, and communicate with greater spontaneity and independence. Students achieve excellent results in exams, and enjoy more success at university, but it is their love of learning the French language that makes The Golden Circle MFL community so unique.

"I have really benefited from French lessons with Marc. I wondered how it would be to go 'back to school' as an adult but his approachable teaching style made me feel comfortable. As a native speaker, Marc was able to help me master business level proficiency in French, pick up on colloquial language and gave me insight into French business culture."

Adult learner, online

"Our first lesson with Lindsay was excellent. My girls really liked her teaching style - she is engaging and encouraging. They played lots of games and were given all of the activity instructions in French, immersing them in the language. It’s a great start and they are very excited for their next lesson!"

Mother of twin girls, aged 5

Modern Language Teachers

  • Maria L

    Maria L

    "Learning a language empowers children to become global citizens".

    Maria is a native Spanish speaker and qualified Modern Languages teacher. She has over 10 years of experience teaching at prestigious independent boarding schools, including Woldingham School and Sherborne Girls’ School. Teaching children from Key Stage 3 - 5, Maria has successfully prepared them for I/GCSEs, A Level and IB Spanish exams. As a Spanish citizen, Maria has a personal interest in the Hispanic cinema, literature and music. In lessons, she helps children to immerse themselves in the language and explore the history and culture of Spain. Maria holds a first class degree in Business Management and PGCE teaching qualification.

  • Juliette


    "Languages are bridges into new and exciting worlds."

    Juliette is an enthusiastic linguist, avid traveller, and qualified Modern Foreign Languages teacher. She speaks four languages - French, English, Spanish and Romanian - and currently teaches GCSE and A Level French and Spanish at a school in South East London. In addition to classroom teaching, Juliette is a qualified yoga teacher and delivers mindful Year 10 classes as part of her school’s extracurricular programme. She holds a BSc in International Relations and History, and MA in International and World History, from the London School of Economics. She was awarded a PGDE teaching qualification by the Institute of Education, University College London.

  • Nachuan


    “新しい言語は、新たな人生の始まり。- A new language is a new life.”

    Nachuan is an experienced interpreter and a Modern Foreign Languages teacher. He has taught Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and English at a range of international colleges, including Study Valley Edu in Tokyo and Yinluzhe Education in China, for the last two years. Since 2018, Nachuan has worked as a business interpreter and translator for international companies. Nachuan graduated from Dalian University of Technology with a BA in Translation and Interpreting. He studied Japanese at Tokyo's International Cultural Academy and is currently studying for a MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching at King's College London university.

  • Hugo


    "Languages enable you to meet new people and discover new cultures."

    Hugo graduated with a BA in French and German from Bristol University in 2019. Following this, he went on to complete his PGDE teaching qualification through the Teach First programme, specialising in Secondary Modern Foreign Languages (French and German). Hugo holds 2 years of classroom experience and 5 years of tutoring experience, supporting students of varying ages and abilities across Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5. At his most recent school, Hugo also held the role of MFL Teaching Lead. Hugo is currently studying for a Master’s in Education and Technology at University College London.

  • Jessica D

    Jessica D

    "Languages open doors, and open doors lead to exciting opportunities."

    Jessica graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Music and French. She qualified as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher in 2017 and has since been teaching secondary students from Year 7 - Year 11 at a school in East London. Jessica is an approachable and supportive teacher. Since becoming part of the Golden Circle network in 2018, she has successfully prepared students for competitive Common Entrance and French GCSE exams. Jessica is an accomplished and practicing musician. She has an ABRSM Grade 8 in Flute and Piano.

  • Florence


    "A language is an exact reflection of the growth and character of its speakers."

    Florence holds a first-class degree in Modern Languages. She completed the Teach First programme in 2016, specialising in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and received an ‘Outstanding’ rating for her PGCE teaching qualification. Florence has 5 years of classroom experience teaching French and Portuguese at a school in North London. In her latest role, she was also an Assistant Headteacher. She now works as a qualified SENCo and as an Interpreter for the Government of Jersey.

  • Lewis


    "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." - Wittgenstein

    Lewis is a qualified Modern Languages Teacher, having completed the Teach First programme in 2018. He holds 5 years of classroom experience teaching GCSE French and A Level Spanish at a West London Secondary School. Each year, his students achieve outstanding results at GCSE and A Level. In addition to his role as a classroom teacher, Lewis is also the Head of Year 12. Lewis holds a degree in French and Spanish from University College London.

  • Harriet M

    Harriet M

    "Knowing a foreign language is a statement. A statement of courage, confidence, and perseverance."

    Harriet holds a degree in French and Russian from University College London and a Master’s degree from SOAS. She completed her PGCE teaching qualification through the Teach First programme, specialising in Modern Foreign Languages, and holds 4 years of classroom experience teaching French and Spanish. In addition to her role as a classroom teacher, Harriet has also held the role of Head of MFL. She currently teaches at an international school.

  • Annie


    "French is a language that opens doors."

    Annie graduated from the University of Cambridge with a first class degree in Classics and French. She qualified as a Modern Languages teacher through the Teach First programme in 2017 and received an ‘Outstanding’ grade for her PGCE teaching qualification. Annie has taught French at a school in central London for 3 years, where she is also the Key Stage 3 coordinator. She holds an MA in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education at University College London.

  • Tarandeep


    "Learning another language is not only about different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things."

    Tarandeep is an experienced Modern Foreign Languages teacher, specialising in French, German and Spanish. She holds 3 years of classroom experience teaching these languages at GCSE and A Level at a school in North London, where she was also Assistant Head of Year 9. In addition to these modern languages, Tarandeep also speaks Punjabi, Hindi and Sawhili. She now works as a full time private tutor and specialises in one-to-one and group tuition online. Tarandeep holds a BA in Law and French from Cardiff University and a PGCE teaching qualification.

  • Lidia


    "Our students discover the advantages of learning a Germanic language. It leads to a fuller understanding of the European world."

    Lidia is a native Italian speaker and enthusiastic polyglot. She has taught Spanish, German and French at a school in central London since 2016, where her students have achieved excellent GCSE and A Level results. She brings her love of languages and cultural insight to every lesson, making learning accessible and enjoyable for her students. Lidia holds a degree in Languages for International Communication, a PGCE teaching qualification, and an MA European Cultural Studies from St Andrew’s University.

  • Lucy J

    Lucy J

    "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela

    Lucy graduated with a degree in Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) from Durham University. She completed her PGCE teaching qualification through the Teach First programme in 2017 and has 5 years of classroom experience in London schools. Here she taught French at Key Stage 3 and 4 and Spanish at Key Stage 5. Lucy currently works as a full-time private tutor, specialising in online tuition and small group lessons.

  • Annabel


    "We learn a language for the love of languages."

    ​​Annabel is a qualified and experienced Spanish teacher. She is bilingual in Spanish and has taught GCSE and A Level Spanish for 7 years at Oakham School and Oundle School, achieving excellent results. Annabel holds an undergraduate degree from Edinburgh University and an MA in International Relations. She holds a PGCE teaching qualification from Warwick University.

  • Miranda


    "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." - Frank Smith

    Miranda holds a degree in Modern Languages (French and Italian) from the University of Oxford. She completed her teacher training through the Teach First programme and has 2 years of experience teaching in the classroom. She is experienced tutoring high ability children and supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). She volunteers for the charity IPSEA which offers free advice to families of children with SEND. Alongside private tutoring, Miranda is currently training to be a barrister at City Law School.

  • Jingjing


    "Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. Knowledge of Chinese is a different vision of life."

    Jingjing holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. She is currently a PhD student at University College London, specialising in School Leadership and Teacher Well-being. Jingjing has extensive experience teaching Mandarin in both the UK and China, having taught privately since 2016. She teaches across a range of ages and abilities, from young learners, to undergraduate students and professionals. Alongside her role as a private tutor, Jingjing is Co-Founder and Academic Manager of the Chinese School London.

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