Philosophy and Theology are fascinating, thought-provoking subjects. Our students are exposed to challenging concepts which have been debated over for millennia: is there a God? Where did the universe come from? How do I decide what is right and wrong? What are the ethical issues of abortion and euthanasia? Why do people believe in the Bible? Are all faiths equally true? Can war ever be morally justifiable? Whether you are religious or not, everyone can appreciate the importance of these questions. The skill set acquired by studying Philosophy and Theology also lends itself to many careers including Politics and Law.

Lessons strike a balance between lively discussion and written discourse. Our students practise weighing up different arguments and clearly articulating their strengths and weaknesses. Within Philosophy and Theology lessons, students are encouraged to question the status quo, examine their own position, and respond sympathetically to different perspectives. They develop clarity of thought and advanced logical reasoning skills. On paper, this translates into well-reasoned, persuasive essays.

We pride ourselves on academic excellence. To enable each child to fulfil their academic potential, lessons are tailored to suit their learning style, ability, exam board, and interests. We match students with inspiring, qualified teachers who have extensive experience preparing students for 13+ Common Entrance exams, Academic Scholarships, GCSEs and A Levels. Many have taught at high-performing UK schools. Over the years, we have demonstrated that students who work hard will achieve excellent results. Just as importantly though, they thoroughly enjoy the time they spend with us!

"We are thrilled with Freddie’s tutoring, not only because my son achieved a grade 8 but because Freddie built my son’s confidence, knowledge and essay-writing skills. Their focus on all-important exam techniques meant that my son was well prepared, calm and collected going into the exam. Thank you for helping him to achieve the result he wanted."

Father of a GCSE student

"My daughter was very happy with Soumia. She is professional, organised and incredibly enthusiastic. She has taught my daughter for over a year now and every lesson she has imparted knowledge, wisdom, and an appreciation for cultural diversity. She has gone far beyond the Religious Studies curriculum by sharing insight into her own religion and beliefs, and my daughter can’t stop talking about what she has learned! It has been a pleasure to have Soumia in our home this year."

Parent of a Year 7 student


  • Joye


    "Interesting, challenging and self-reflective. Philosophy students never know what ideas they might discover."

    Joye is the Head of Department for Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at a North London school. He trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme in 2016 and has 5 years of experience teaching A Level Philosophy, Religious Studies and Sociology. He has an excellent track record supporting students to achieve top grades at GCSE and A Level. He has also prepared numerous US students for AP assignments and exams. Joye holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and International Relations. He is a qualified tennis and football coach and coaches an under-15 football team on Saturdays.

  • Nicole R

    Nicole R

    "Religious studies gives us an insight into and appreciation of other cultures."

    Nicole holds a degree in Theology from the University of Bristol and a Masters in Leadership from University College London. She completed her teacher training through the Teach First programme, specialising in Religious Studies and has 2 years of classroom experience teaching RS and Philosophy at a North London school. Nicole has 5 years as a Common Entrance, GCSE and A Level Tutor. She is also the Co-Founder of an award-winning start up, Life Lessons. This is an online platform which empowers teachers to deliver effective Relationships and Sex Education lessons in the classroom.

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