Chemistry offers the intellectual toolkit for probing and understanding the world around us. It is a challenge to be relished: rich in theory, but never far removed from tangible demonstration. Inspiring Science teachers introduce children at Key Stage 2 and 3 to the fundamental principles in Chemistry, such as acids and bases, types of chemical reactions and material science. We nurture inquisitive minds and teach children how to work scientifically.

At GCSE and A Level, students explore the chemical composition of our world. From atomic structure and types of bonding, to kinetics, redox reactions and thermodynamics, we equip them with the knowledge and scientific skills to predict and explain chemical changes. Our students become impressive critical thinkers, who approach problems methodically, creatively, and with close attention to detail.

The Golden Circle has an exceptional team of qualified Chemistry teachers. Every year, we successfully support 13+/16+ Common Entrance, GCSE, and A Level students to achieve excellent exam results and exceed their target grades. Too often Chemistry is taught in schools in a way that appears complex and abstract. Our objective is to make Chemistry enjoyable and accessible to every student. We do this by breaking down information into memorable, manageable chunks, explaining how concepts relate to everyday experiences, and honing key exam skills.

We encourage students to access the vast selection of online resources which our Science team has curated. These books, documentaries, podcasts, and online lectures complement the National Curriculum and are used to engage our students in learning and spark their curiosity. Many of our young scientists are subscribed to MEL Science which brings exciting, innovative practical experiments into the home classroom.

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with Freddie. Freddie started at the basics and taught her the entire course from scratch! He was unfailingly reliable, motivating, and brought some joy to studying the subject. She received an A grade and we are delighted."

Mother of a Year 13 student

"Ben goes above and beyond in every single session to help me with my learning. He brings a fun and open attitude to every lesson."

Year 10 student in America

Our Science Teachers

  • Khurram


    "Studying Chemistry requires methodical, rational thinking. This is a skill set that opens doors."

    Khurram is a qualified Science teacher and A Level Chemistry specialist. He trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme in 2016 and was awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating for his PGCE teaching qualification. Khurram has two years of classroom teaching experience and 5 years of tutoring experience. He retrained as a Full Stack Software Developer in 2019 and currently works as an Equity Specialist for EMEA at Bloomberg L.P. Khurram holds a BSc in Pharmacology and MSc in Biomedical and Molecular Research from King’s College London.

  • Flora U

    Flora U

    "By studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics, students have a clearer understanding of the world they live in."

    Flora holds a first-class Natural Science degree from the University of Bath and a Master’s degree in Oncology. She was awarded an 'Outstanding' rating for her PGCE teaching qualification and completed her teacher training through the Teach First programme in 2016. For the last 3 years, Flora has taught Edexcel Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level and Biology at A Level. She is also a qualified Edexcel Examiner. Flora has been part of the Golden Circle network for 2 years, alongside her PhD studies at Imperial College London’s Department of Surgery and Cancer.

  • Sophie C

    Sophie C

    "Science equips you with the ability to critique, the knowledge to debate and the desire to learn more."

    Sophie holds a first-class degree in Biological Sciences from Oxford University, and an MA in Health Policy from King’s College London. Sophie trained as a teacher through the Teach First programme and has 5 years of classroom experience teaching Triple Science GCSE, A Level Psychology and Biology. She also prepares sixth form students for Oxbridge and Medicine applications and runs mock interviews. Sophie has privately tutored for 11 years and currently teaches at a secondary school in Central London. In her spare time, she volunteers for the charity The Listening Place, which offers face-to-face support to young people facing mental health challenges.

  • Simran


    "Science develops our ability to ask questions, solve problems and apply what we learn."

    Simran is a passionate Science teacher with an in-depth knowledge of the Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 curriculum. She currently teaches at a South West London school, where she has held the role of Head of Science for 4 years. Simran holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from King’s College London, PGCE in Secondary Science (rated Outstanding), and MA in Leadership from University College London. She is a native Punjabi speaker and has volunteered for Hackney Pirates, an after school club which supports children facing personal challenges with reading and creative writing.

  • Jen


    "Curiosity, creativity, and innovation. Science opens the door to new skills and opportunities."

    Jen graduated from University College London with a degree in Human Sciences in 2012. She completed her PGCE teaching qualification through the Teach First programme and taught in schools in the UK and internationally, in Singapore, for 7 years. Jen has supported The Golden Circle for the last 4 years and has enabled our students to achieve excellent results at GCSE and A Level. She balances tutoring with working as a Science Education Consultant for a London academy chain.

  • Hannah T

    Hannah T

    "Science is about understanding the world around us."

    Hannah graduated from Oxford University in 2012 with a degree in Biological Sciences. She also holds an MA Public Policy from King’s College London. Hannah trained as a Science Teacher through the Teach First programme and was awarded an ‘Outstanding’ rating for her PGCE qualification. Hannah has 8 years of experience in the education sector, teaching GCSE at Key Stage 3 - 4 and Biology at Key Stage 5.

  • Flora P

    Flora P

    “Science is going to solve the problems that our world faces. We need to nurture the next generation to be not just able, but excited, to take on challenges”.

    Flora graduated with an undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in Human Sciences from Oxford University. She completed her PGCE teaching qualification in 2010, specialising in Secondary Science. Flora holds 4 years of classroom experience teaching all Triple Science at GCSE and Biology A Level. She also prepares students for Oxbridge applications and interviews. Flora has taught at prestigious independent schools in the UK and internationally, including Whitgift School, London and Cranbrook School, Sydney.

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