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Prep School Age

Before the age of 4, most of a child’s learning is through play. We don’t recommend young children have tutoring at this stage, however ‘learning through play’ sessions with an Early Years specialist can be a fun and informal way to prepare your child for prep school. Play activities develop intellectual curiosity, communication, and teamwork skills. For children taking the 4+ exams, we encourage a healthy routine of fun physical and social activities, with regular reading and writing practice, to ensure that they feel prepared and confident on the day.

Prep school is the first exciting step in your child’s education. We work collaboratively with families and schools to support children if they show weaker areas of learning. We provide qualified primary teachers experienced in teaching the Key Stage 1-2 National Curriculum in competitive schools. They reinforce the teaching methods that your child has experienced at school, use games to make learning fun, and use positive reinforcement to build your child’s confidence. We provide parents (and if requested, also school teachers) with written weekly feedback to keep you updated on your child’s progress.

How To Prepare For 4+ Entrance Exams

"It’s among the most progressive and attentive services I found, and very willing to work collaboratively to achieve results, not just academically but socially and emotionally – a very well-rounded service,’ summed up a parent."

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Common Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are a key part of the application process to prep schools, top public schools, and grammar schools. Every year, The Golden Circle prepares students for highly competitive entrance exams (7+, 8+ and 11+ exams), drawing on first-hand experience and a wealth of school-specific resources. Each student is carefully matched to the perfect Common Entrance tutor, based on their learning style, academic ability, and personality. Central to The Golden Circle’s success is the rapport between teachers and their students.

Common Entrance teachers undergo a rigorous selection process. They deliver tutoring strategies specific for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams and lessons focus on teaching both curriculum content and exam technique. Qualified teachers have experience delivering this in the classroom. Some are responsible for leading scholarship after school clubs, and many are involved in designing school entrance exams at competitive UK schools.

To optimise results, we run initial assessments to identify a child’s strengths and areas for development. We send parents weekly feedback on their child’s progress, as they work towards their Common Entrance goals. We are proud of the high quality and professional service provided by teachers and the individually tailored support that we offer to parents. Accompanying tutorials, we guide parents on school choices, school applications, and preparing their child for interviews.

How To Prepare For An 11+ Interview

"Ava has had a great run with the exams and passed them both. Holly has been amazing, and Ava continues to enjoy her sessions with her. She’s looking forward to starting her new school in September!"

Maria, Mother of Ava (Year 4)

"The lessons have been excellent. Georgia was prepared with last papers from Emanuel School and she identified and explained the areas that Clementine needed help with in the first lesson. In her own words, Clemmie said the tutorials have been wonderful."

Elisa, Mother of Clementine (Year 6)


Senior School Age – Grammar & Secondary Schools

Between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, students will be tested more frequently and more intensely than at any other time in their lives. It is important that during this time that students have prepared well and are resilient to the pressure. Whether your child is preparing for 13+ exams, GCSEs, A-Levels, or the International Baccalaureate,  learning is accelerated and students equipped with the skills to succeed on exam day with after school tuition. For students requiring support across multiple subjects, we create ‘tutor teams’ and coordinate bespoke programmes of support that deliver results.

The teachers are inspiring educators with experience guiding students through challenging examination periods, preparing them for admission tests, and supporting their long-term aspirations. They are qualified teachers from top universities, with proven abilities to motivate, educate and communicate. Many are also I/GCSE or A Level examiners. Our teachers are fully qualified and able to help with special educational needs (SEN) children, as well as helping with anxiety and other mental health challenges.

There is a level of artistry in matching a student with the right teacher. We believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in lessons – questioning and understanding for themselves. We introduce families to subject experts and exam board specific teachers. Teachers quickly identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and address their subject knowledge gaps. They develop students’ exam techniques such as model answers, essay scaffolding and time strategies. In our initial consultation, we ask for information on your child’s ability, learning style and access to recent school exams, to select the best teacher and develop a bespoke tuition programme.

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"The Golden Circle handpicks a tutor from their team based on ‘experience, teaching style, availability and location’. Minutiae matters – ‘if the student loves football, the same passion in the tutor can help with bonding.'"

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"I just want to thank you for your work with Matthew so far. He seems to have made a leap forward with his source essays and that's all down to the wonders you work."

Verity, Mother of Matthew and Harry (Year 13)

"Sam was really enthusiastic and positive after the lessons and said that Annabel was his ‘best ever’ teacher!"

Nathalie, Mother of Samuel (Year 11)

University Admissions

The Golden Circle has a proven track record helping students gain admission to the world’s leading universities. Our recent successes (2021 entry) include: Oxford University – BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Cambridge University – BA Classics, New York University – BS Mathematics, London School of Economics – BA Geography, and Durham University – LLB Law.

Our families are international, and many of our students apply to universities in both the UK and the US. We advise families on which A Level, IB and Pre-U choices are most appropriate for their child’s university ambitions. Our reading and podcast lists further develop their academic interests, take them beyond the curriculum and help them to develop skills of rational, independent thought. Success at Oxbridge interviews, or on US admissions tests, comes from the enjoyment of intellectual enquiry, the critical analysis of information, and the search for explanation. These are the skills that set our students apart.

The Golden Circle provides access to tailored programmes of support – lasting from 3 months to a year – which maximise your child’s chances of securing a place at their first-choice university. For Oxbridge and Russell Group university applicants, we start by supporting students to write an outstanding personal statement.

How To Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

Top university graduates then comprehensively prepare students for aptitude tests such as the Medical Admissions Tests – BMAT/UCAT, Law Admissions Tests – LNAT and CLT, Thinking Skills Assessment – TSA, and Mathematics Aptitude Test – MAT, among others. Dedicated US admissions teachers support applicants preparing for SAT and ACT aptitude tests.

In the 6 months preceding interview dates, we run mock interviews and advise on effective interview strategies. Students are mentored to develop strong communication, independent thinking, and problem-solving skills. This approach leads to offers and places at high-ranking UK universities and medical schools.

How To Shine at an Oxbridge interview

"Mustafa had his heart set on Oxford University for a long time. Mark showed him how to prepare methodically for the Geography interview – introducing him to a wide range of academic papers, blogs and podcasts. In lessons, he pushed him to think critically and challenge ideas. I think this was the key to his success."

Mohammed, Father of Mustafa (Year 13)

"Not your stereotypical tutoring agency, Golden Circle specialises in personalised, flexible learning that goes way beyond the national curriculum."

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Our Locations

Teachers are located in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • London

    In person lessons are offered across central London. Teachers deliver lessons in person to families who live in Zones 1-6 and within commutable distance from London. Additional travel charges may apply for those outside of the city. For families living outside of central London, we recommend working with an online tutor, booking full or half-day lessons, or blended learning - a combination of in person and online lessons.

  • The Rest Of The UK

    Including Manchester, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge. Teachers deliver in person lessons in these cities. For families living in other parts of the UK, we recommend residential tuition. Residential tuition, ranging from several days to several weeks, is an immersive learning experience for students. Over the years, we have organised hundreds of residential placements to prepare students for exams. These intensive revision programmes accelerate learning and are a key part of student success.

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