Tailored and Bespoke

Global education programmes

More families than ever are taking ‘edventures’ – long-term trips where children learn on the road. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to deliver schooling in a different way.

We work with our world schooling families to deliver bespoke global education programmes, which tailor the national curriculum to their changing location. This means that children learn about Darwinism and evolution in the Galapagos, apartheid in South Africa or rainforest sustainability in Bali.

Through a combination of remote learning and residential placements, we ensure children make excellent academic progress, immerse themselves culturally and understand the history, social values and religious beliefs in the countries they visit.

Residential Placements

Residential placements are an excellent opportunity to deliver in person tutorials while on the move. Tutors typically live with or near the families and deliver 3-6 hours of tuition per day. Intensive programmes of support can significantly improve the grades of your child in advance of GCSE, IB or A level exams.

Tutors support students to achieve top marks in exams ranging from GCSE to IB and more. When students are pressured for time tutors will guide them with targeted sessions to unlock their full potential.

Our Locations

Teachers are located in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • London

    In person lessons are offered across central London. Teachers deliver lessons in person to families who live in Zones 1-6 and within commutable distance from London. Additional travel charges may apply for those outside of the city. For families living outside of central London, we recommend working with an online tutor, booking full or half-day lessons, or blended learning - a combination of in person and online lessons.

  • The Rest Of The UK

    Including Manchester, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge. Teachers deliver in person lessons in these cities. For families living in other parts of the UK, we recommend residential tuition. Residential tuition, ranging from several days to several weeks, is an immersive learning experience for students. Over the years, we have organised hundreds of residential placements to prepare students for exams. These intensive revision programmes accelerate learning and are a key part of student success.

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