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3 Sep 2019

Back to School: Are you ready?


We’re thinking about the upcoming school year. It can be challenging, particularly for students moving to a new school, from Key Stage 3 to 4, or from GCSEs to A Levels. Your child will be attending new classes, have more work and deadlines to complete, they may receive less guidance from their teachers and the content can be more difficult.

Here’s a few ways to smooth the transition and make sure your child is prepared for September:

· Positive talk – to mentally prepare your child and help them to embrace opportunities for learning and personal growth.

· Be organised! It’s really important that students stay on top of deadlines and keep their notes in order. Before returning to school, purchase any text books, work books and stationery they might require. GCSE and A level students should have a folder for each subject, with a printed copy of the specification. This can be used as a checklist and will make a huge difference when it comes to exam revision.

· Help your child to keep on top of their work – create a weekly timetable to get into a routine of completing homework on time.

· Support your child to use their independent study periods wisely. This is a useful opportunity to consolidate the knowledge from the week and complete any outstanding homework tasks.

· Show them who to turn to – when they come across a topic that they find difficult, encourage them to ask for help. Teachers or tutors can address the issue quickly rather than the problem compounding if it’s left until the exams.

· Print those past papers and mark schemes! Exam technique is a crucial element of Common Entrance exams, GCSEs and A levels. Students rarely review their papers with the mark schemes but it’s an effective way to secure the top marks.

Please get in touch if you would like any extra support at the start of the school year. Our team of qualified teachers are on hand to help!

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