The Golden Circle is following Government guidance on opening schools and educational settings from 1st June. We have found online lessons to be effective for many students this term. However, we recognise that online learning does not work for all children.

For families who would like to return to in-person lessons this term or over the Summer, please firstly enquire with your usual tutor whether they are able to. A tutor’s decision to resume in-person teaching may be affected by a range of factors including:

  • Who they live with, e.g. living with a clinically vulnerable person
  • How they travel to lessons – by car or using public transport
  • The distance they need to travel to lessons

If your tutor decides they are unable to teach in person at this stage, please let us know and we will identify another experienced teacher to work with your child.

For in-person lessons, please ensure you take the following precautions to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus to your child or tutor:

  • Ask your child and tutor to wash their hands before and after lessons. They should wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and running water and dry them thoroughly
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces often using standard products, such as detergents and bleach
  • Ensure your child and tutor sit 2 metres apart for lessons and retain this distance when the tutor is entering and leaving the house
  • Encourage your child not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose in lessons
  • Situate lessons in well ventilated rooms. Open windows and prop doors open where possible
  • Cancel lessons if your child or tutor feels unwell or experiences symptoms of coronavirus, specifically a high temperature and new, continuous cough. If symptoms continue, members of either household should isolate for the recommended 14-day period.