Our team of education consultants have an exceptional wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our network of Head Teachers, School Governors, SENCos, and 11+ examiners, provide expert, professional guidance to ensure the very best education for your child. We help families to navigate the British education system and support students on every step of their education journey.

Our team works hard to match you with a consultant that suits your needs. Once matched, our consultants create a tailored plan to cater specifically for your child’s needs, whether it’s finding the perfect school, advising on SEN support, arranging tuition, or preparing for interviews.

"The Golden Circle is exactly that - a Golden Circle of support around each child."

Renee, Mother of Seth and Lochlan (Year 8 and 10)

Nursery and Pre-Prep Placements

The first exciting step in your child’s education! We advise you on the best nurseries and pre-prep schools in your area and make recommendations tailored to your child’s personality and requirements. We help your child to secure a place and prepare for the 4+ exam, if required.

Prep School Placements

Our education consultants help you to choose the perfect school for your child. We not only offer independent advice, but create a bespoke plan to prepare your child for 7+/ 8+ exams and interviews. From beginning to end, we guide families through every stage of the admissions process.


Many children face moving schools at some stage of their education. It can be a positive step, but also a challenging one, and every parent wants to make it as stress-free as possible. We advise on the best schools in your new location, help your child to secure a place, and create an academic plan to smooth the transition.

Home Schooling

A growing number of forward-thinking parents are joining the home school community because they want the very best education for their child. We advise parents on home school options, curriculum design, exam entry for private candidates, and local home school groups.

Our Locations

Our teachers are located in London, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • London

    We offer in person lessons across central London. Our teachers deliver lessons in person to families who live in Zones 1-6 and within commutable distance from London. Additional travel charges may apply for those outside of the city. For families living outside of central London, we recommend working with an online tutor, booking full or half-day lessons, or blended learning - a combination of in person and online lessons.

  • The Rest Of The UK

    Including Manchester, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge. Our teachers deliver in person lessons in these cities. For families living in other parts of the UK, we recommend residential tuition. Residential tuition, ranging from several days to several weeks, is an immersive learning experience for students. Over the years, we have organised hundreds of residential placements to prepare students for exams. These intensive revision programmes accelerate learning and are a key part of student success.

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