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Home Schooling

The Golden Circle co-ordinates teams of qualified teachers to deliver outstanding lessons. We create bespoke timetables which enable children to learn flexibly and work at their own pace. Our professional home schooling programmes encourage students to learn beyond the national curriculum, through lessons on entrepreneurship, innovation, and current affairs.

Full Time Home Schooling


We work with parents to decide which subjects your child will be studying. We offer specialist teachers for core subjects such as Science, Maths, English, and Modern Foreign Languages, and a range of optional subjects including History, Geography, Psychology and Art.

Our bespoke and flexible timetables are developed based on your child’s extracurricular commitments, allowing them to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Progress Reports

At the end of each week, we send a progress report to parents. This provides an overview of what was taught in each lesson, your child’s strengths and areas for development, and can be used as a record of the homework set.

Entering Students into Exams

If your child is in the final year of their GCSE or A level course, we enter them for exams as private candidates. Additionally, subjects which require coursework, such as AQA Science or Geography, can be organised as independent assessments. Special considerations, such as extra time in examinations can also be arranged.

Our tutors understand that your child’s education is about more than teaching to test. Our home schooling programmes support, stretch and challenge your child, to equip them with the skills for university and beyond. For more information, download our prospectus or contact Hannah at hannah@goldencircletutors.co.uk.


Flexi-schooling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It is an arrangement between a family and school where a child is registered at a school but attends only on a part time basis. The remaining 2-3 days of the week, the child is home educated.

The Golden Circle works closely with schools to ensure that our flexi-school students are supported and make good academic progress. We follow the same curricula, liaise directly with school teachers, and can attend Parents’ Evening. Our weekly progress reports provide regular updates on what we have taught in lessons.

World Schooling

World Schooling

We work with our world schooling families to deliver bespoke global education programmes, which tailor the national curriculum to their changing location. This means that children learn about Darwinism and evolution in the Galapagos, apartheid in South Africa or rainforest sustainability in Bali.

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The Home Schooling Association

The Home Schooling Association

To find out more about home schooling, visit The Home Schooling Association (HSA). The HSA is a network of home school parents, teachers and students in the UK which provides free guidance for families considering home schooling, a voice for home schooling families to shape education policy, and a platform for home schooling families to share best practice.

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