Home Schooling

Understanding Your Options for a Child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The Golden Circle supports dozens of Local Authority (LA) funded students with EHCPs across London. We deliver in-person home school programmes which are flexible and sensitive to the needs of each child. The Golden Circle home school team has extensive experience teaching children of a range of abilities and those with SEND such as ASD, anxiety and depression, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

The LA funded home schooling we deliver is funded either directly by the LA, when The Golden Circle is set up as a direct supplier, or through a personal budget. The Golden Circle provides weekly progress reports and termly assessments to track each student’s academic progress. We attend Annual Review meetings, communicate with relevant professionals (e.g. CAMHS), and provide references for school applications. For students taking GCSE or A Level exams, we support parents to enter their children as private candidates and navigate the Access Arrangements process.

We are committed to helping children with SEND and mental health needs to achieve their academic goals. In many cases, Golden Circle students are ready to return to mainstream school after a period of absence feeling positive and academically confident.

What is an EHCP?

An EHCP outlines a child or young person’s SEND, the support they require, and the outcomes they aim to achieve. LAs must provide the support specified in an EHCP.

Home Schooling with an EHCP

In England and Wales, you have the right to home educate your child and may be eligible to apply for LA- funded tuition. If your child attends a mainstream or special school, you must inform the headteacher in writing about your decision to home school. This consent cannot be unreasonably withheld unless there are concerns about your child’s safety.

If this is the route that is right for your child, you should ask the LA to amend Section I of the EHCP to reflect that your child will be home educated. The name of the provider and type of educational setting would be listed as ‘EOTAS’ (Education Otherwise Than At School).

Personal Budgets or Becoming an Approved Supplier

There are two ways to receive funding for home schooling through the LA – a personal budget or advocating for your preferred organisation to become an approved supplier. In both cases, it can take some time for LAs to process a request and approve funding so please bear this in mind.

Personal budgets are managed by the family and lessons invoiced for weekly or monthly. If your preferred organisation is set up as an approved supplier, invoices are sent to LAs directly. On average, funding is approved for 15 hours/ week of Golden Circle lessons which take place during term time. In each case, parents have advocated for The Golden Circle to deliver their child’s home schooling, citing teacher quality, programme coordination, and exam support, as the reasons why we are the right organisation to achieve the best outcomes for their child.

Local Authorities may offer a family a list of pre-approved tutoring agencies. These may or may not be the best option for your child. Questions to ask include: Are the tutors offered qualified teachers? What are the requirements for SEND experience, training, or qualifications? How is progress tracked? Is tuition delivered in person or online?

More information

For more information, we recommend visiting your specific Local Authority website and contacting their SEND team. For more information on the home school programmes we deliver, visit https://goldencircletutors.co.uk/academic-learning/home-schooling/ or please get in touch at contactus@goldencircletutors.co.uk