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Highly valued by universities and employers, History not only affords students with analytical skills and the ability to use evidence to form a persuasive argument, it also offers a fascinating insight into past societies. Studying the past helps contextualise the world we live in. The impacts of European colonisation, the process of de-colonisation and the World Wars still reverberate in the contemporary world; and issues surrounding power, race, gender and equality are themes that can be traced back for centuries. Studying the causes, consequences and significance of events; analysing patterns of change and continuity; and engaging with historical evidence and interpretations are just some of the exciting challenges that await a student of History.

“Successful History students are also successful human beings – informed, analytical and empathetic thinkers.”

George, Subject Specialist

Our Approach

At The Golden Circle, all lessons are tailor-made to suit the needs of your child. Early tutorials involve conducting an informal assessment of your child’s historical knowledge, conceptual understanding, and essay writing skills. Subsequent lessons will then focus on any areas requiring development. This helps your child gain a strong understanding of the course content, develop analytical writing skills, and learn to critically analyse sources and historical interpretations. As exams approach, our focus is on timed questions, essay planning and writing, and exam technique.

Exam Boards

We have experienced teachers with knowledge of the following exam boards:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel GCSE
  • Edexcel IGCSE
  • CIE
  • OCR
  • International Baccalaureate

At Key Stage 5, we also provide subject specialists for Cambridge Pre-U courses. We help tutors to stay up-to-date with curriculum changes and new grading systems. In addition to teaching, many of our tutors are also GCSE or A level examiners.

Wider Reading

Whether studying for university entry exams or just starting year 7, we encourage students to explore the subject beyond the national curriculum. Students considering a History undergraduate degree should be regularly reading beyond their course material, focusing on specific areas of interest and historiographical debates within it. Our tutors can offer specialist advice on academics and authors, whatever your child’s area of interest.

London is also home to some fantastic museums and learning resources for History students which will complement your child’s studies. We have outlined a range of exciting resources to follow up on, as well as online materials to utilise.

  • Why is there tension between African American communities and the police?
  • What lessons can we learn from history to make policing fairer?
  • How has the UK’s relationship with Hong Kong changed over time?
  • How is China limiting Hong Kong’s semi-autonomy?
  • Museums offer a different experience of history, with the possibility of viewing, and in some cases handling, historical artefacts.
  • London is home to some fantastic libraries and archives. Students can sign up easily (and for free) and benefit from access to a wide range of academic literature.

Our Subject Specialists

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"Successful History students are also successful human beings - informed, analytical and empathetic thinkers."
George is a qualified History and Politics teacher and received an 'Outstanding' rating for his PGCE teaching qualification. He has spent three years working at competitive London schools and supported students to achieve excellent grades in their History GCSE exams. George holds a BA in History and Politics from Edinburgh University and is studying for a postgraduate degree in Law.
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"Studying past societies, events, and peoples is essential in gaining a greater understanding of the contemporary world."
Nathaniel is a qualified teacher of History and Politics. He completed the Teach First programme in 2015 and has three years of experience as a Lead Practitioner at Key Stage 5. Nathaniel currently balances teaching with The Golden Circle, with his role at the Civil Service.
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