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Modern Foreign Languages

Learning a language enhances our personal and professional lives. Not only does it open up opportunities in the international job market, but it improves communication skills inside and outside the workplace. By offering insight into a different way of life, ranging from literature to cuisine, language students develop both social and academic competencies. Linguists gain an understanding of diversity and cultural appreciation and enjoy an enriched travelling experience. Moreover, studying a language supports the development of memory skills, builds confidence and, looking towards the future, improves employability.

At GCSE and A-Level in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin, students learn about individual lives, communities and other cultures. Countries are explored through a wide variety of media and the necessary grammar capabilities are fully underlined to foster fluent and expressive communication. The student develops analytical, communicative, planning and reasoning skills learning to situate themselves in another perspective. Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) consequently develops confidence, resilience and drive.

“Communication, progress and expanding your own horizons – that’s what learning languages is about.”

Antoine, Subject Specialist

Our Approach

We teach students from primary school age to university level. For children who need extra support to develop their confidence, we have patient primary or secondary specialists on hand to help. For students with a passion for French, Spanish, Italian, German and/or Mandarin, we have experienced GCSE, A level and University teachers to take them beyond the exam specification.

We conduct an initial assessment to understand each student’s strengths and areas for development. We use interactive online games and memory tests to develop the student’s vocabulary, and knowledge of grammar and tenses. This lays the foundations for more complex MFL topics so that students are prepared for GCSE or A Level exams.

Exam Boards

We have experienced teachers with knowledge of the following exam boards:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel GCSE and IGCSE
  • OCR
  • International Baccalaureate

At Key Stage 5, we also provide subject specialists for Cambridge Pre-U courses. We help tutors to stay up-to-date with curriculum changes and new grading systems. In addition to teaching, many of our tutors are also GCSE or A level examiners.

Wider Reading

We encourage students to have a wider appreciation of MFL. Students considering an MFL undergraduate degree should be aware of relevant news stories and current affairs for the country they are studying.

  • Could you create a new language?
  • Should languages be protected from extinction? If so, how?
  • Is slang a positive representation of modern society or a corruption of tradition?   
  • Is there a global hierarchy of languages? If so, will it change?
  • Can we and should we decolonise language?
  • How can we tackle the notion of gender in a completely gendered language?
  • Do you feel different when speaking in another language?
  • Is there a difference between who you are and what you think or say? 
  • How is identity shaped in multilingual families?
  • How can language create space?
  • Are people still needed in translation?
  • Will people still be needed for conversation? Is this positive or negative?

Our Subject Specialists

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Alice L

"Languages go beyond academia, by enabling you to connect with other cultures and people."
Alice is a qualified teacher, with 6 years classroom experience. She completed the Teach First Leadership Master’s programme in 2015 and graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011, holding a degree in Spanish and Portuguese. Alice is currently a full-time KS3 and KS4 Spanish teacher.
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"Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. Knowledge of Chinese is a different vision of life."
Jingjing is a PhD student at UCL, specialising in School Leadership and Teacher Well-being. Jingjing has extensive experience in teaching in the UK and China. She has a proven track record at KS4 - all of Jingjing’s GCSE students achieved an A* in 2017, including two students who were awarded full marks.
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"A language is an exact reflection of the growth and character of its speakers."
Florence is a qualified Modern Foreign Languages teacher. She was awarded an 'Outstanding' grade for her PGCE teaching qualification and has 6 years classroom experience at a school in North London. Florence holds a first-class degree in Modern Languages from the University of Southampton.
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