Set out below are the principal terms and conditions relating to the supply of tuition services by the Tutor to the Client.

Golden Circle Tuition Ltd (GCT) acts as agent of the Tutor and following an assessment of the requirements of each assignment will source an appropriately qualified tutor and provide guidance on the tuition content. A £150 registration fee is charged to cover this administration process.

The Tutor is responsible for the provision of tuition services which will be delivered with reasonable skill, care and diligence.

GCT will agree the hourly fee rate on behalf of the Tutor and deal with the invoicing and collection of payments.
All charges in addition to the hourly fee rate (in the event that any are incurred) will only be invoiced after they have been approved by the Client.

Payment of invoiced amounts is required to be made to GCT within 7 days of the invoice date.

Payment cannot be made directly to the Tutor.

In the event that any arranged session is cancelled by either the Client or the Tutor then notice of at least 24 hours should be given to the other party and GCT.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is provided in the event of cancellation by the Client, the fee relating to the cancelled session may still be charged.

The standard hourly fee is currently set at £75, although this can be varied and the rate for each assignment will be specifically confirmed by GCT. GCT’s fee for acting as the Tutor’s agent is included in this amount.

In the event that a Tutor’s contract with GCT is terminated for any reason, the Tutor will refer the Client to GCT who will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative.

GCT has no liability in respect of any loss, damage, claim or expense arising from the provision of the Tuition services.